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Well-Known Michigan Cannabis Company Takes Higher Education to a New Level

If you’re a Yooper, then you already know that The Fire Station is blazing a trail in the industry. With 15 new awards under their belt from our Readers Best of the Best, this cannabis company is unstoppable. One customer has even said “TFS is my favorite cannabis retailer – not just in the area

Michigan pot shop offers chance to win free weed for 1 year

Marijuana consumers rejoice: Skymint, an Ann Arbor-based dispensary, offers the chance to win free cannabis for a year through a giveaway. The giveaway began Monday, April 10, and runs through Thursday, April 20. A 10-gram joint, a $500 Airbnb gift card and several “party packs featuring exclusive brands you cannot find anywhere else” are also up

Northern Michigan Canna-Tourism at the Forefront for Michigan Dispensary

WINNER: Best U.P. Dispensary   Northern Michigan is cultivating an identity of its own in the cannabis industry—and Dunegrass is making sure everyone knows about it! Winner of our Readers Choice Best UP Dispensary, Dunegrass is your gateway to experiencing the best of cannabis and cannabis-friendly activities in the region. Founded in August 2020, Dunegrass

NOBO Shakes up the Cannabis Industry with Award-Winning Products

  Michigan GreenState Best of the Best WINNER: Best Brand, Best Pre-roll   If you’re in the know, then NOBO is one of Michigan’s shining stars in the world of cannabis. Nine-time winner of our Readers Best of the Best, NOBO reveals that the only secret to success in this budding industry is delivering a

New report ranks ‘most successful stoners’, and some of them may surprise you

When someone is called a “stoner,” many associate the label with a series of negative traits: laziness, apathy, lack of motivation, etc. Now, a recent report is challenging that perception. As many cannabis enthusiasts have pointed out, the so-called “stoner stereotype” does not fit with the average cannabis consumer’s experience. Many people feel cannabis increases

Looking for ways to relax in 2023? Here are three cannabis retreats happening this year

It’s well known that many people use cannabis and CBD products to relieve anxiety, stress, and muscle tension. A 2020 survey showed more than 80 percent of participating cannabis consumers used it at least in part for wellness purposes. And though it’s certainly not for everyone, it’s helping many people around the world cope with mental and

Cannabis Cooking Basics with Laurie Wolf: Preventing odor

Celebrity cannabis chef Laurie Wolf takes you from zero to hero in the kitchen with our series, “Cannabis Cooking Basic with Laurie Wolf”. This week, three ways to eliminate cannabis odor while cooking! After receiving a ton of emails, it’s clear the smell of cannabis during cooking is a significant concern. Actually — the cooking is not

Ask Dr. Leigh: Will cannabis help my attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)?

Using cannabis can have a big impact on your physical and mental health—for better, and sometimes for worse. That’s why it’s important to consult a healthcare provider before experimenting. Here at GreenState, cannabis clinician Dr. Leigh Vinocur is here to answer your questions on healthy living with cannabis. Editor’s Note: The answer to this question

Top Michigan Lawyer a Champion for the Cannabis Industry

Denise Pollicella, a decorated and passionate Michigan attorney, could still be practicing law in any number of areas other than the wildly unpredictable arena she has been a fierce and formidable force in for about 13 years: cannabis law. Somebody had to take a deep dive into the weeds of a Michigan cannabis industry nearing

Online colleges for cannabis studies: How to get a degree or certificate in cannabis from home

According to a recent report from Grand View Research, the US cannabis market is projected to be worth $40 billion dollars by 2030. This growth is only accelerated by the recent movements to decriminalize and legalize cannabis in many states. It goes without saying, then, that the cannabis industry holds a lot of potential for those